Welcome And Warning: QR Code Fanatic!

Howdy! Welcome to my wonderfly, awesome website. This is my website dedicated to all things related to QR codes. I’ve recently become a huge QR code fanatic. QR codes just are so mind-blowing to me. So…I thought it would be a great idea to create a website on QR codes! Hopefully this website can be some sort of use too for all your web surfers out there. I mean…you DID somehow end up here…either through a search engine…or possibly word of mouth? Ha ha. Well, maybe not word of mouth, but possibly by search engine.:-)

So…I hope you guys enjoy my website and have a better understand of what QR codes are all about. My website will provide information, resources, and my opinions on QR codes. Hopefully I can get you web surfers to get hooked up on these QR codes…become a huge, psycho, fanatic…like myself! He he.:-)

If you guys have a barcode scanner or QR code scanner…SCAN my QR codes I just created there to the left. =^.^=

…and for those of you who don’t know what a barcode scanner/QR code scanner is…or just are completely clueless…it reads “Welcome to my website! I hope you like QR codes! Because this is obviously…dedicated to QR codes!:-) So I hope you enjoy my website! Enjoy!:-)