QR Codes in Every Day Life

You don’t have to own a business to use QR codes…you don’t even have to be a business person to use them. They are FREE! Free, free, free. They are for everyone.:-)

Now, I know I said that you don’t have to be a business owner to use QR codes…but if you ARE…or even a business kind of person…this is one of the greatest ways to incorporate QR codes into your business and help with marketing. Why not link your business’s QR code to the FaceBook page? Or to your company’s website? How about putting a QR code on your business cards? There are so many endless possibilities.

Now if you aren’t a business owner, there ARE other ways to use QR codes. One way to use QR codes is to keep track of your things! Libraries use QR codes to keep track of things, so why not us, every day people? Some libraries use QR codes to link items to a catalogue record. I don’t know of any libraries now that do this, but if a library wanted to use a whole different kind of cataloging system, they could use all QR codes instead of barcodes on their items. A person who wanted to rent a book could scan a QR code and they could read further information about the item they wanted to check out.

Another way to use QR codes is to put your personal information on one. For example, say you got into a little fender bender in the parking lot, and the person’s car you hit wasn’t around. If you were a “good person” and didn’t just leave the scene, you could put a QR code on the person’s car with your information and they could contact you. Now, why wouldn’t you just leave a written note? Well, good question….QR codes are just way cooler.:-) Another way you’d use QR codes involving a car would be leaving it on your car, just in case someone needed you to move it! How many times have you been somewhere and someone tries to get ahold of you by calling your license plate out? Who actually memorizes your license plate and pays attention to the person on the loud speaker? I know I don’t!

Another way to use QR code is for organization! Have you ever packed all your junk into boxes and you have no idea what is in what box? Is there Halloween stuff in this box? Fragile stuff? Christmas stuff? Old clothes? Who knows?! You could use QR code stickers to help you organize all your hoarding boxes! Ha ha. Yet you ask again….why wouldn’t you just write it in permanent marker? BECAUSE IT’S JUST WAY COOLER WITH QR CODES. I had to use caps to get my point across. ;-)

Another cool way to use QR codes is to create a QR code and then link it to a personalized message. It’s almost like those personalized greeting cards. You know, when you open those cards up and then it plays music…or one of those cards where you can record your greeting and then you press a button and your message is played. Now take that card idea and incorporate it with QR codes. Now that’s a great idea right there! There is actually a more descriptive article listed in my list of links for those of you that want to read more up on it.

Now back to marketing…you could place your QR codes at bus stops and stations, subways, trains, etc. What a better place to place a QR code than to place it right in the public eye?! And then your QR code could contain information on when the next train or bus would arrive next. It acts like an updated real-time interactive bus schedule.

Or how about going back the idea of QR code art? Well how about a double whammy by not only having QR code art, but having a QR code next to the art where you can scan it for more information? Or even posting a QR code next to non-QR code art that better explains who created the painting and what the painting means, or even the price of the painting.

Here are some other creative ways to use QR codes: