Missing Kid? QR Codes?

Yes…it’s being done. Apparently QR codes are being used on posters of missing children! It’s funny to hear this because technology is usually the one that is being blamed for the loss of children in society these days. It’s great to see technology being seen in a positive light with missing children.

There are plenty of pros and cons I believe with using QR codes on posters of missing children or people…well one con of using a QR code is that if you use a QR code on a poster, if you just add information to it, it can’t be updated. If you put a QR code on hundreds of ads and there is a break in the case and there is updated information….you must take down all the ads that were printed and create another QR code for it. But with this con…you can turn it into a positive! It’s almost common sense. You can still use a QR code and add it to a poster by having the QR code link to a website with information that can be easily updated! Ta-da! Makes more sense right?

QR codes on missing children and people posters are definitely a unique way to use them. I have yet to see it anywhere, but have seen examples posted on the internet.

What are my lovely web visitors opinions? Do you guys think it's a good idea? Do you think it's pointless? Do you think it's convenient? Do you think that there are better ways to find missing kids? Does it sound like we are wasting time trying to use QR codes on posters...as in there are better methods? I'd love to hear some ideas!

If you scan this QR code it brings you to the International Missing Children’s Day page.

Another missing kid QR code…if you scan it…it brings you to “Emilys Law”..where you can sign a petition.

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