All About My Wonderful Animals

Casey and Chloe

Aren’t they the most precious little babies you have ever seen?! Two puff balls of lovingness. Don’t you just want to squeeze them their so cute?! I sound like Elmira. Oh boy. Ha ha.

Meet my beautiful babies! Casey is on the left and Chloe is on the right. My babies are husky mixes. Aren’t they absolute cutest little things ever?! I adopted them from a family that couldn’t take care of them. The mother was having a kid and she just was not able to handle having a new born around, and two puppies! And I don’t blame her. It’s like having 3 kids, if you ask me! AND, if it weren’t for that woman having a new born, then I wouldn’t have been to adopt these two beautiful puppies. They sure are my everything…my world. He he.

So back to Casey and Chloe. They are obviously sisters. As you can see, Casey and Chloe look just like sisters! Although, they are different colors, they both have matching white chests and stomachs. They have the cutest eyes too don’t they?! They have that “puppy eye” look. Yes, I know obviously they are puppies, but not all dogs have the cute adorable look in their eyes.

Okay, so…they love to cuddle and play. Chloe loves to play fetch. She is definitely more hyper and high strung, ha ha, than Casey. Casey is the more “chill” puppy. She likes to lounge around most of the time. They both love to go on walks and run with me though. And they especially love going on hikes with me. Very outdoorsy pups…but that’s like most dogs.:-) Chloe and Casey both love to go swimming too! Which is great because I love to swim! I take them out to the beach and they love to swim with me. They don’t swim out too far into the ocean obviously, more so closer to the sand, because they’re so tiny. Plus, I don’t want them to get swept away in the ocean!


Say hello to Stache! Isn’t he such a handsome little devil? He is quite the charmer. He could make any lady melt! ;-)

Now, meet Stache…short for “mustache”, ha ha. I named him that because it looks like he has one of those handle bar mustaches. He is an all black cat with a white chest and some white on his legs and feet. Almost kind of like a tuxedo cat….or penguin? He also has these beautiful green eyes. I feel like most black cats have a weird striking yellow colored eyes, but Stache got lucky and was blessed with these calm caring green eyes. Isn’t he the sweetest looking man cat ever?! He’s so handsome. ;-) Stache is a huge player too…not that kind of player, you silly people! He loves to play with his leopard print jingly balls and cat nip filled mice. He also loves his cat nip. That stuff makes him go nuts. He also loves his cat tree. He loves to perch up on things and just sit there and watch the happenings around my apartment. Or even just watch the birds that come to my bird feeder on my balcony. He also loves his little cat tent I bought him. It is SUPER adorable. It’s like he is camping out in my apartment, ha ha. It’s great.

I don’t have a picture of Stache in his cat tent, but here is a picture of cat tent that looks similar to what I have. Isn’t it the funniest thing? A cat tent. What a great invention.

In Stache’s spare time, he too, just like Casey, loves to lounge around. I’d say he has a little bit of Casey and Chloe in him! He loves to cuddle and watch T.V. with us. He even sleeps with Chloe, Casey, and I. He loves to plop himself next to Chloe. I think he really favors Chloe. They’re pretty good buddies.

We’re all such a loving little family. They’re all so caring and get along so well. I’m so lucky that my animals don’t fight or bug out on each other. I have friends who have animals, like both dogs and cats, and the cats just hate the dogs. You know they say that cats are more dangerous to dogs? Because if they feel threatened they attack the dog and go for the eyes. Weird to think that. I always thought that dogs were more dangerous because they are usually bigger than cats and just can be very ferocious at times. Guess I was wrong!


This is Bob. Isn’t he the most adorablest little frilled dragon ever? He is a big chatter box. He loves to talk. He could talk your ear off if you let him! He he.

Now everyone meet Bob! He’s quite the character. He enjoys lounging around…and…lounging around, ha ha. He likes to take short walks, that take FOREVER, on the branches in his little glass home. He enjoys staring at you blankly and pondering the meaning of life. He likes to eat crickets and bugs and bathe in the sunlight that peaks through my windows. He has a pretty sweet life.:-) He too, would sleep with the rest of the family, if my cats didn’t want to eat him.:-)

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