QR Codes and Beer

What’s your favorite beer? My favorite beer is bud light lime. No, it’s not a pansy beer…don’t hate. Have you ever even tried it? It’s actually really good. Light and delicious. Yummy in my tummy!:-)

Alright, now back on topic…I have yet to see a QR code on my favorite beer, but QR codes are being integrated with alcohol. There is a restaurant, which is also a brewery, in Manhattan, New York, called Heartland Brewery, that was promoting a FREE beer coupon, through a QR code. Heartland Brewery teamed up with Tappinn QR codes to create their free beer QR code. The QR code gave consumers a free mug of Heartland Brewery’s beer, Summertime Apricot Ale. They made a huge poster that has their QR code on it and posted it all over Union Square in kiosks. Once consumers scanned the QR code, all they had to do was present the scanned QR code to Heartland Brewery.

Here’s the article on the Heartland Brewery: QR Codes Anywhere: Scan A QR Code, Get A Free Beer in NYC!

Here is a picture of the posters with the QR codes on them.

Another beer company that is using QR codes is New Belgium Brewing. New Belgium Brewing has a new IPA…Indian Pale Ale…freaking deliciousness… called the Ranger IPA that features a QR code on it. When you scan the QR code on the cans you can learn about music, food, and book pairings that go with the beer Ranger.

Yet again, another great marketing technique! And although, I do love my Bud Light Limes…Indian Pale Ales are definitely one of my favorites too…love drinking them when my expensive taste randomly kicks in.

Want to read the article? Here you go friends: New Belgium Brewing Becomes Largest Craft Brewery To Use QR Code Technology

Are you a fan of miller lite? Not me. I know plenty of people that are though! Miller Lite has incorporated QR codes into their marketing by putting the QR codes on their print ads, posters, coasters, case cards and much more. Miller Lite used QR codes as a part of their “BEER FOR THE PEOPLE” sweepstakes at a South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. The QR codes were also featured in some restaurants and bars in the Austin area. When consumers scanned the QR code they were directed to a page where they could enter online for a chance to win $20 pre-paid cards.

In the article I read, the CEO and president of ScanBuy, ScanBuy is the company that Miller Lite teamed up with, said, “The codes give people a fun and direct way to interact with the Miller Lite brand.” Which is believe is completely and totally true. I really believe that QR codes gives the consumers different ways to interact with different companies and business. It also is a huge convenience. Just the fact that you can scan these awesome barcodes and you are directed to a page where you can get information or put information in, is just awesome. There is no need to memorize URLS and typing them into your fussy touch screen phone!

Here is more on the article: Miller Lite Uses ScanLife & QR Codes To Power “BEER FOR THE PEOPLE”