QR Codes On Billboards

Have you ever seen a QR code on a billboard? I honestly have yet to see one. I’ve definitely google searched online though to see what they look like though! It’d be one of my dreams to see a gigantic QR code! ;-) That sounds silly…I know.

Well, in my opinion, I think QR codes on billboards are a great idea! What a great marketing technique…if you ask me! What a better way to get someone’s attention! BAM! BOOM! In your face QR code!:-) Now…with all the obvious pros of having QR codes on billboards…there is a con. People question whether or not having QR codes on billboards is a great idea because of texting and driving. Texting and driving is obviously illegal. And with QR codes being on billboards, people think it’s just another reason for people who use their phones while driving! Now, I’m not analyst or anything, but I’m sure those who text and drive are more likely to scan a QR code on a billboard while driving. I personally, am not guilty of QR scanning and driving…but am guilty for texting and driving…sometimes.

What do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Do you agree with some people thinking that QR codes on billboards are just another way to deter people from paying attention to the road? Is it a good marketing technique? How many of you guys text and drive? Or how about scan and drive?

Photo of a QR code Calvin Klein billboard that replaced a few of their more “racier” billboards.

Another QR code on a billboard.