QR Codes and Cars

Did you know that QR codes were first created and used by Toyota in 1994? Toyota used QR codes to track their cars during their manufacturing process. Now isn’t that something?! So really, QR codes have been around for almost 20 years…almost! Now that QR codes are being used now, on practically everything and anything these days…they are back to using them as stickers to put on new cars!

Actually, the other day, I was at a car dealership that my friend works at and even noticed QR codes on the new cars in the lots. Dealerships are using QR codes to provide information to potential buyers. This information includes “details and specifications of any car on the lot”. Web Tech Services is actually the brains behind it all. Web Tech Services created a QR code system for the car industry! Pretty exciting and cool idea! When you scan the QR code it also provides the vehicle ID number, stock number, specials, details and specifications of the car, and discount offers.

You ever rent a car? Well, at Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s, Mazda is placing QR code stickers on their Mazda 6’s. Mazda got together with Enterprise Holdings, and are placing these stickers on their vehicles. Above the QR code it says, “Like what you see? Scan the code and learn more.” What a great idea for marketing!

Here’s a photo of the sticker that’s being put on the Mazda 6’s.

Here’s a QR code for the Nissan Juke. If you scan it, it shows a demo of the car!

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