QR Code Art

Do you know anyone’s birthday that is coming up? How about a holiday? Do you know what to get that certain someone for their birthday? Is that certain someone you know, a little bit on the nerdy and geeky side? How about the artsy fartsy side? I hope I didn't offend anyone. I like to consider myself a little nerdy and geeky. Guys like geeky nerdy girls anyways. Smarts is sexy. Hells yes.

Anyway, Well, here is the perfect idea! QR code art! QR codes are now becoming a work of art! Just when you think that there are no other ways to integrate QR codes into our lives…I find QR code art.:-)

I don’t know if I mentioned before…but I’m extremely into art. I’m mostly into abstract and graffiti, but I do enjoy almost anything and everything. I’m actually thinking about probably purchasing a few of these QR code pieces myself!

What are your opinions on QR code art? My friends think it's lame. But what do they know anyways! I think it's very simple. I like simple. I like detailed art too. But sometimes with art...simple is good.

Here is a photo of a piece of QR code art…created by Jimmy Andersson. Isn’t it beautiful? The QR code is made up of teal boxes shaped like cubes. If I lived in a bigger apartment or had a huge home, I would love to have something like this hanging from one of my walls. It really is a beautiful piece of work.

An interesting article I stumbled upon was an article on Space Invader. Who is Space Invader you ask? Well Space Invader is a French graffiti artist who created art all over the world. He created characters from the game, “Space Invader”, using little colored mosaic tiles.

Here is a photo of one of Space Invader’s pieces. This was taken at Shoreditch. Isn't it so funny the materials that a person can use to create art? Who would've thought someone would take color mosaic tiles and place them all over the world into characters from Space Invaders? magnificent!

Here is another photo of one Space Invader’s pieces in Amsterdam. Another great work of art if you ask me!

Alright, so now back on topic on how Space Invader is involved with QR codes…well, Space Invader was featured at an event for Scion. I have the full article here – Space Invader Makes Art With QR Codes By Digital Marketing Strategy

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