QR Code Risks – Is There Really A Threat?

Are there any risks with using QR codes? Should we, consumers, be weary of scanning these codes? Is the world going to end? So many people question technology today…and so many people already question the security of many of the websites we use daily…especially FaceBook.

Well, honestly, there are a few risks of using QR codes…just like there is with using the internet. No biggie. You just have to be a little more aware of where you find a QR code and if it seems kind of suspicious and random…then you should probably not scan it!

What possible security risks am I talking about, you ask? Well, when you scan a QR code you don’t necessarily know where the QR code may take you. Unless it is on a poster, from a reliable company or source, there may be a risk of scanning the QR code. A QR code can possibly take you to a website with browser exploits that could exploit where you currently are…because you do have a GPS locator on your smart phone you know. Your personal information could also be taken….such as our passwords, files, and contacts. That definitely doesn’t sound like a good time if you ask me.

So with QR codes, there may be caution that needs to be taken at times. Just like with anything new these days...Facebook...twitter...whatever...especially Facebook. Facebook always has some weird virus thing that goes on with them. Mark should definitely get on that. He needs better security on that site if you ask me.

Oh and some words of wisdom, for future QR coding scanning...just keep an eye out, and if things are suspicious, just use your common sense! Duh!

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