QR Codes and Liquor

You guys must think I’m some weird alcoholic with these pages on alcohol! Ha ha. I just really like QR codes…and the more I google about QR codes, the more I realize that a lot of companies are using them. Why you ask? Because it’s a great marketing technique!

Are you an Absolut Vodka lover? Well, Absolut Vodka has printed QR codes on the neck of their labels…you know the piece of paper that is hung around the neck of the bottle? Yeah that thing! When you scan the QR code on the label, it directs you to the iTunes store where you can download their free app called “Drinkspiration”. What is the Drinkspiration app you ask? It’s an app that provides an encyclopedia of drink recipes. Sounds like an awesome app if you ask me! The app also gives personal recommendations based on your preferences, taste, color, mood, time of day, whatever! The app also lets you share these recipes with people on FaceBook and Twitter.

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