QR Codes and Sports

QR codes are a great form of marketing! And it seems like the NBA is getting on that band wagon. Jeremy Edelman from the NBA decided use QR codes and test them out. During an All-Star-Game, a QR code was displayed on the screens during the first quarter, half time, and the third quarter. There were over one hundred thousand fans attending this game.

Once the QR code was scanned, fans were directed to a coupon that would be sent to their phones. The coupon that was offered was a free gift that you could grab at the team store at the stadium. More than what Jeremy had even thought scanned the QR code. Seems like he didn’t realize what an IMPACT QR codes would actually be.

Here’s a NBA QR code.

Another sport that integrated QR codes was an English soccer team. English soccer players got QR codes cut into the back of their heads! How crazy is that?! Supposedly if you scan the back of their heads you will be directed to an online sports book site. Now that is a good idea! Instead of having them on the back their jerseys, they decided to cut QR codes in the back of their heads. What a different approach to QR codes. I’d have to say that is one of the more unique ways that I’ve seen QR codes used.

Who would you guys like to see integrating QR codes into their teams? More soccer? More basketball? How about football? And for you guys, how can cheerleaders incorporate QR codes into their team? Any ideas?

Here’s a photo of QR codes etched in the back of English soccer players.

Here’s a photo of an all sports store that uses a QR code to market their business in a magazine.

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