QR Codes And TGI Fridays?

So one of my favorite restaurants has decided to incorporate QR codes into their menu. You know what restaurant? TGIF! I love their food! Ugh. SO delicious.:-) Ha ha. Sorry. I just really enjoy their food. I also used to work there. I’ll tell you what…working there was not very flattering on my figure. I would just eat all the time. Sheesh, that was awful.

Okay, so now back to QR codes at TGI Fridays. TGI Fridays are now using QR codes on the back of their kid menus to engage the little ones and adults. When you scan the QR code on the menu, it brings you to TGI Fridsay’s fan page on FaceBook…hoping that they’ll “LIKE” the fan page. Now that is clever marketing! I mean what else you going to do while you are sitting at dinner? The menus are layed out like coloring pages so the kids can color and the parents can scan the QR code. Parents will do anything to have their kids just stay busy and not make a huge mess while waiting for their dinner. So while they’re coloring, why not scan the QR code?

Another benefit of having these QR codes on the kids menu is possible specials and coupons. Who doesn’t love coupons? Who doesn’t love discounts?!

THUMBS UP for the use of QR codes at TGI Fridays!

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Here is a screen shot from my computer screen of the TGI Friday's kids menu that they give out. Sorry it's a tad bit blurry. It's the only one I could find online. But you can see how they incorporated QR codes into their menu...and that's all that matters!