QR Codes and TV DINNERS?!

 What is this world coming to?! Just kidding. QR codes are taking over the world! They are even being used in marketing for TV dinners! So the other day, I’m flipping through one of my fitness magazines, and I see an ad with a QR code for the microwavable dinner, “Smart Ones”. I love those little microwavable dinners. I practically live off those during the week. I always pack one for my lunch. Cheap and convenient….my two favorite words.:-)

So when I googled and did some research on Smart Ones’ QR codes, I found out that those delicious microwaveables are a product of Heinz! Which, not to mention is my favorite brand of ketchup….along with probably the rest of the world! Ha ha. So back to Smart Ones’ QR code…when you scan it, it brings you a page where you can sign up for future savings! Coupons? Hells yessss. I love coupons.

I think it’s always such a great idea to link these QR codes to promotions and coupons. I think it makes the QR code scanning experience a little more exciting…especially since you are getting something out of it…not just getting directed to a company’s website where you can go shopping online on your mobile phone. Personally I think shopping on my smart phone is a pain in the tush!

Here’s a photo of the QR code for Smart Ones. I found this QR code in a fitness magazine that randomly gets sent to my apartment...hmm..now that I think about it...I should probably check out why that magazine gets sent to my place because I don't remember ever get a subscription to them!