QR Codes And Wine

I love wine. I’m a huge wine drinker. I really enjoy having a glass of wine every night…only one. Sorry, that makes me sound like an alcoholic…ha ha. Ya know, they actually say a glass of wine every night is good for you? At least that’s what I heard. It has something to do with thinning your blood or something like that…I’ll have to double-check that…ha ha. I’m a huge red wine fan…extra sweet…sweet like grape juice…you know, the kind of wine that just gives you the worst hang over the next morning, blah. Still it’s delicious.:-)

Alright, so now back to wine and QR codes. Banana Republic has incorporated QR codes into their marketing. They teamed up with a winery on a QR code campaign. The QR code were presented on limited editions bottles of Clos du Bois Winery. When consumers scanned the QR codes they were provided with holiday party music, wine information and style tips.

Another great way for consumers to engage with a company’s products. I can’t wait to get a bottle of wine with a QR code on it…so that I can place it with my collection of QR code products!

Again, I will ask you, my wonderful visitors...have you seen any sort of QR code wine marketing? Have you guys got to witness this wonderful exposure of QR codes on some beautiful tasty bottles of win? When you do, you should definitely share your experiences with me!

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