Ralph Lauren And Qr Codes

I’m one happy camper right now! QR codes at one of my favorite restaurants and now QR codes are being integrated with one of my favorite clothing brands. This is totally awesome! Now how did Ralph Lauren incorporate QR codes into their branding? Well…they created a customized QR code with their logo inside the middle! It doesn’t look like any ordinary block QR code with the squiggly lines…there is actually the polo player and the horse inside the QR code. How neat, right?!

I read an article where someone stated that “QR codes are generally boring… so having something branded that is in-line with the design and the promotion is a win”…WELL, I can agree with the branding part inside the QR code design is definitely a win..but I would completely DISAGREE with QR codes being boring. Shame on him for saying that! Boo!

I won’t even go on my rant about how much I love QR codes. I mean, for goodness sakes, I’ve created a whole page for it! That seems to explain enough! Ha ha.

Anyway, the company “Red Fish Media”, created the branded QR code for Ralph Lauren. You know it’s really crazy that you can create a QR code with a design inside of it, and it will still scan. The power of technology. Isn’t it just amazing?

Now after scanning this QR code it would direct you to the website where you could make your wardrobe purchases and also sign up for a chance to win a $3000 shopping spree. Man…wouldn’t that be nice!

Very neat QR code that Ralph Lauren created. I love it! I love the purple color and how they incorporated their signature trademark print into the QR code. Absolutely genius!

A Ralph Lauren QR code ad in a magazine. This is a crappy screen shot photo that I took of a Ralph Lauren QR code that was in a magazine.