How Do I Scan A QR Code?

How do you scan a QR code? First of all…you need a camera that has a phone…preferably a smart phone, like an Android or the iPhone. I’m not sure if you can scan a QR code with just an old school cell phone. Next you need to go to your phones app market…if you have an iPhone, it is the iTunes store, and if you have an Android phone, it is the Android market that’s on your phone. The next thing you need to do is do a search in your phones market…”barcode scanner” or “QR scanner”. A list of apps will pop up. There are many free QR scanners that are free and are also 4 or 5 stars. I’d stick with the free apps. I like free things, and I’m sure most of you people do too!

Once you’ve downloaded the QR code scanner or barcode scanner…and it’s installed and ready to use…open up the app. Place your phone over a QR code and keep it still. Keep the QR code inside the box on your phone’s screen. And there you go. It should scan and either a URL will pop up, text, a message, or whatever.

Once you understand what QR codes are and how to actually scan them. You will realize that you actually run into them more than you thought you did. Want to know why? Because they are EVERYWHERE!

Now that isn’t so hard now is it?

Are you still confused? Check out my links provided below!

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