QR Code? What’s That?

A QR code stands for “Quick Response”. It’s a two-dimensional barcode that contains information and data. It can hold text, a URL, contact information, connect to a wireless network…the possibilities are endless. How you scan a QR code is with an app…a QR code scanner or barcode scanner. You can retrieve these scanners through your IPhone or Android’s market. There are plenty of free apps that you can download too. Why spend money when you can get a four to five-star app for free?

Where do you see QR codes? Do you notice them now more, than you used to?

I actually ask myself those questions from time to time. I actually notice them a lot more now…seeing as how they are more mainstream.

I've become a QR code fanatic! How could you not?! Technology is awesome!

Now…on the count of three…one..two…three…scan away!

Where Did QR Codes Originate?

QR codes were created by Toyota in 1994. They used QR codes to track of their cars during the manufacturing process. So, all in all…QR codes actually haven’t been around for that long! Yeah...that was a very short history story about QR codes. Not really that exciting of a story.:-P

QR Code Information: